Can the mattress lie directly on the floor?

The bedroom is one of the most important places in every house. It allows for free rest and regeneration of the whole body and mind after a hard day. A suitable mattress is a guarantee of healthy and uninterrupted sleep, so after purchasing it should be used according to its intended purpose and basic principles. Should you follow the latest trends and sleep on a mattress placed directly on the floor? What could be the consequences?

A mattress on the floor – about bacteria, dust and dirt…

When deciding to use a mattress without a traditional frame, we need to know what can happen to our favourite place to sleep in the future. Above all, the mattress placed on the floor is directly exposed to harmful external factors. These mainly include mites that accumulate in carpets and rugs, fungal spores and moulds. Under favourable conditions, especially without proper ventilation of the mattress from below, the development of these undesirable microorganisms can reach enormous proportions. Undoubtedly, the floor is also the place where the largest amount of dust and dirt collects – sleeping in its close vicinity we involuntarily breathe all these substances into our lungs during the night.

Such situations should be avoided especially by people suffering from various allergies. In order to reduce the risk of allergies, it is advisable to choose a mattress that is made of anti-allergic materials.

Health of the spine and a mattress on the floor

It is worth remembering that using a mattress without a bed frame and a special frame does not provide an adequate level of sleeping comfort, and more importantly, it promotes the development of ailments associated with spinal pain. A mattress lying directly on the floor does not have good cushioning, which changes its hardness. It also contributes to faster wear and tear of the product – the lack of an elastic frame consequently weakens the structure of the mattress in individual, most exposed places. This situation has a negative impact not only on the comfort of sleep, but above all on the health of our spine.

A deformed mattress, deprived of ergonomic properties, will not keep the lumbar and cervical sections in the right position all night long. This can contribute to the appearance of backache and muscle pain during the day. Therefore, when buying a mattress, you should fit a solid frame.